June 13-Aug 11
William Smyers photography is a mix of dark, high contrasting, bold colors. The gallery contains many highly detailed floral pieces, as well as several photos from within Buffalo’s Central Terminal, rare glimpses of the Third Floor, Station entrances, that are closed to the general public. He had obtained permissions while filming Scarlet Samurai inside the Terminal. His galleries center piece is a 26×39 canvas print of a restored terminal light. The gallery also features pieces from within Buffalo’s Silo City, that were taken at midnight (another invite onto the premises) using several tricks with flashlights, extremely long exposures, and assistants to capture the images, due to no electricity or lights available. A series of three Cosmic photo manipulations are also in the gallery, the first is “Cosmos”, a photograph of a orchid, surrounded by a planetary creation, solar flares, and nebulas. The second, “Cosmic Floral”, a blooming cactus surrounded with nebulas, light flares, and fractal art. The third, “Inspiration”, A bloomed, spread, lily that is flaming with flames he photographed in his fire pit, light flares from the lights that line the rapids of Niagara Falls mixing saturation and hues, fireworks that he photographed from Niagara falls, all merged together with a oil painting type finish. A 24×36 wooden plaque mounted “Mighty Niagara”, is a view of Niagara Falls, that is definitely unlike any photo of the Falls that you have ever seen, vivid skies, wisping full clouds, life like flowing waters, a feel that you are at the Falls is fantastically captured. A rare glimpse of Coca Cola Field, and the I-90 from a very high rooftop are also in his gallery, giving a model like appearance to the view of Buffalo landmarks. The Buffalo Botanical gardens have also opened their Butterfly exhibit, as well as their Train exhibit, the celebration of color begin on June 14th, and get your tickets now for the June 18th Starry Night at the Gardens, Featuring Great Big World, and Kodaline. The Summer Sweepstakes with a $2,500 grand prize has also kicked off, don’t forget to see the gift shop for your tickets to enter now. While your in the gift shop, don’t forget to check out all the prints that are available by William Smyers.