This would be a great way to get the Central Terminal some much needed $$$.

From Buffalo Rising:

A reality TV show is heading to Buffalo as part of a 32-city cross country trek. The goal is to track down worthy charities and the people who rally around them. From animal rights to cancer research, the causes are plentiful and needy. Once the charities have been identified, participants are presented with dares that they must follow through with in order to raise money for their respective causes. People compete for donations and prizes that are then offered up to those who are truly in need.

“The opportunity for the Terminal to be featured on Dare Me for Charity adds to our new presence in the national and international markets.  The best part is we’re working shoulder to shoulder along with our sister organizations in representing Western New York nonprofits in this show,” said Marilyn Rodgers, Executive Director of the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation.

Participants from city to city will be able to compete in the Air Bag Challenge (jumping from cranes), being immersed in bathtubs filled with freezing cold water, or simply shaving one’s hair – actually not so simple for most people! The stakes are high and the competition is fierce.

Charities in tomorrow’s challenge include Spirited Athletes Bold At Heart, SABAH, Wounded Warrior Project, Central Terminal Restoration Corp, World Wildlife Fund and Special Olympics New York. The reality show is being filmed at the Central Terminal between 9am and 3pm on Thursday, July 31, 2014. Buffalo’s challenge is the “Air Bag Challenge”. The public is welcome to come out and cheer for their favorite teams!

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