Hamburg, NY- In celebration of the 175th Erie County Fair, the Fair’s daily parade has been transformed to honor the people and communities that have made the Fair a summer destination for 175 seasons. The parade, which has been renamed the Hometown Parade will feature groups from throughout the county representing all the corners of Erie County in both location, and activity.

As part of this celebration the Fair in collaboration with WBBZ-TV is looking for Hometown Heroes to serve as Grand Marshals for each day of the parade. That is where the people of WNY come in. The Fair is looking for nominations of heroes; they can be doctors, veterans, police officers, and moms. Anyone who has made in difference in the lives around them qualifies!

Nominations for Hometown Heroes can be made through and clicking on the contest tab or via email to [email protected]. There are no requirements for the length or content of a nomination.  Nominations will be accepted until July 31st.

Hometown Heroes and their families will have the opportunity to march in the parade as well as be honored with a special ribbon and thank you prize pack.