by Pat Freeman


I’m writing you in response to your recent Article in reference to the proposal for a Ferry running between the Inner and Outer Harbors . The portion of your article which deeply concerns me I’ve pasted below.


“A public hearing last week attracted nearly 300 people, many of whom expressed their strong preference for open space and parkland at the site. Far fewer showed support for apartments or a new Bills stadium.”


1. If three hundred people attended I believe stadium complex supporters were at least 1/3 of that count during the three days of forums.


2. Stadium Complex Proposal supporters offered the closest representation of population diversity of Western New York .


3. The Stadium Complex proposal has already received unanimous support from the Buffalo Common Council which is where the Outer Harbor is located in the city of Buffalo .


4. During this forum it was brought to the attention of ECHDC that park land/ open Space supporters were being rude, and attempting to intimidate supporters of the Stadium Complex Proposal.


5. It was also mentioned to ECHDC president Tom Dee that Park land supporters/ Open Space supporters were caught removing the stickers from the interactive maps that were in support of the Stadium complex Proposal. I have a number of people that reported these acts of abuse to me during the forum.


6. During this three day forum I saw very few if any representation from the Latino, Arab, Asian, and Native American Communities.


7. The Environmental Study of this area is very prohibitive of residential housing on these Brownfield areas.


Freeman’s Response to the News’ Proposed Ferry Service Article


Freeman handing over the signatures to ECHDC President Tom Dee-cs


8. Last but not least we presented ECHDC President Tom Dee, Congressman Brian Higgins, Urban Planning Rep of Will & Perkins and Empire State Development Representatives Angela Rossi, and Sam Hoyt. 3,000 petition signatures, 42 Letters of support from various organizations from Western New York, and a copy of the Resolution of Support from the Buffalo Common Council, plus a copy of the Master Plan developed by HKS Inc. which includes the creation of a World Class Park all paid for with Private Investment!!!!!


In closing I’m sharing this information with you for the sake  of us all knowing that the Stadium Complex Proposal  has received an overwhelming of amount of support from all over Western New York, and we just want to receive fair consideration based on that  amount of documented support!!!

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