Recently I read a blog written by Gavin C Pugh, a 30-something reader/writer / book reviewer from Cardiff, Wales. The topic of his blog centered on  self-published authors.

From Mr. Pugh’s article I learned that the powers-that-be, in the book reviewing world, generally define self publishers as annoying appendages; one more layer upon the crushing slush pile of literary submitters. The good news for such reviewers is that there seems to be an industry-wide absolution that allows, nay encourages, disregarding books submitted by self-published authors.  No reviews required would seem to be the industry guideline.

Mr. Pugh offers six reasons for this literary review attitude, all of which in my opinion follow one primary line of thinking: “it’s all about me”.   To validate my interpretation, I offer a list of Mr. Pugh’s six reasons for not reviewing self published books:

1) We Don’t Know Who You Are

2) We Don’t Know How You Will React

3) We’ll Feel Guilty When We Don’t Read It.

4) We Know You’re Not Going to Generate Hits

5) We Don’t Read Cute Bunny Love Stories Set in Ancient Rome

6) We Know It’s Going to Be Rubbish.

In the next week, I will be one of those self-published authors looking for reviews from people like Mr. Pugh, who apparently will  dump my novle into the trash can. And so

1) I have no idea who you are either Mr. Pugh, other than an arrogant individual apparently lacking any consideration of the work and dedication of others in the ever-expanding and evolving literary world, outside of your own circle of like-minded individuals.

2) Based on your apparent arrogance, I can imagine that should you bother to read this blog post, you will react accordingly….with bluster about unfair interpretations of your blog points

3) I have no doubt that you feel absolutely no guilt about your words, as you have exhibited a lack of heart and soul in this blog post.

4) Unfortunately, I do have followers and a strong social media base and I may generate hits for you through this blog post.  It’s a risk I’m willing to take in order to give voice to the many talented and dedicated self-published authors that you have so cavlierly maligned.

5) How about stories of children transported on a disappearing train  track to a school for wizards who are followed by pretty white owls, all set in long ago England?

6) Knowledge is power, Mr Pugh.  And I say what you know about self published authors is exactly as you describe it….rubbish.



I am also a regional best-selling author and newspaper,magazine, online journalist of more than 30 years experience. I am also a professional public relations and media consultant with clients ranging from home builders to political candidates, not for profit organizations, mining companies and a variety of individuals in the arts and perfomance industries. .