by Zachary Husser

Dear Family of Friends,

Former NFL-coach Tony Dungy’s position is what is said in the closed conversations of most professional locker rooms. The NFL has put in rule legislation that penalizes other NFL Players if “they” don’t come through with positive comments about Michael Sam, the first openly gay NFL player. Well, you can’t legislate behavior nor acceptance in the National Football League on what people believe.

The questions about Michael Sam’s abilities to play NFL football,as far as my observations, has been the lost story in the coverage of the draftee. Thirty-One NFL Teams passed on Michael Sam because professional athletes are the most “Conservative” folk I know. The Owners showed what they’re about when none but one took Michael Sam near the end of the draft. As far as St. Louis taking Sam, I’ve been told by reliable sources that he was taken only because of his affiliation with the University of Missouri Tigers team that plays in Missouri, the same State that the Rams are located in. It goes even deeper to the Owner of the Rams who is a great supporter of the University of Missouri Football Program and told his Draft Team to get Michael Sam because he’s one of us Tigers. This reliable source said the Owner of the Rams tries to get as many University of Missouri Tigers on his roster as possible. So, we do have issues and reasons from within the Rams Team that are prepared to deal with Michael Sam the University of Missouri Tiger who just happened to be the co-defensive player of the year in the SEC conference, one of the great College Football Conference in the United States of America. On another note, many folk who believe in Michael Sam spent a lot of money to get Rams Season tickets and we know the media is going to be all over every move the Rams make starting with the opening of their camp. This is a money making move for the St. Louis Rams Organization even if they deny it.

Was Tony Saying What Many People Think Regarding Sam?



What direction will Sam take the NFL, or can the former SEC Defensive Player of the Year even make the cut?-cs

In concluding, I’m tired of sports writers always connecting “Gay Rights” Issues with Civil Rights tragedies that Black Folk went through to get a foot into the United States Society. The two movements have nothing in common and thousands of Gay Folk didn’t die to get the rights that Civil Rights Ancestors of mine died for. What we need to do is stop stating that this Michael Sam drafting by the St. Louis Rams is similar to Jackie Robinson getting the opportunity to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. The two situations were as far apart as anything we know. Jackie Robinson was a professional athlete at the top of his game and was better than most of the “All White Players” in Major League Baseball at that time. White Folk were “Afraid” to let Black Players come into the game because They knew the superior talent would take many jobs from the all white league. Racism and Hatred of Black People was the leading factor in not allowing Black Talent to play in professional sports on all levels. The Gay Issue is something completely different and deals with the “Beliefs” of folk as Christians and other organized religious groups. So, I would like Sports Writers, who for the most part, don’t know anything about what we Black Folk went through as we faced the Racist and Hateful mob of white people during the Jim Crow Period all the way to today’s Racist Republicans and Tea Party Nuts. The Gay Issue has nothing to do with Civil Rights!!

Note: I have an opinion about Michael Sam’s right to play NFL Football, but my opinion deals with the young man’s abilities as a football player and nothing about his bedroom manner. Sam’s football capabilities have been lost in the telling of his story. Thirty-one of thirty-two NFL Teams passed on Michael Sam and I’m pissed at that because the young man can certainly play NFL Football. The Southeast Conference in College Football is one of the toughest in the United States. Michael Sam was the co-defensive player of the year during the 2013-2014 NCAA Football Season. I say more attention should be on those facts and not that he’s Gay. As a Defensive Player, being Gay is not going to help Michael Sam make a tackle!

The great Coach of basketball on all levels who won a national Championship at each stop, Coach Nolan Richardson, is being enshrined in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame during the August 7-9, 2014 ceremony in Springfield, MA. If anyone earned and deserves to be in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, it’s Coach Nolan Richardson.

Was Tony Saying What Many People Think Regarding Sam?



Hard-nosed Nolan in his heyday filling one of his players ear with strategy on the bench-cs

He’s the template for great Coaching as well as being professional when Racism was used to short change his great Coaching Career! We love Coach Nolan Richardson because he’s a stand up Black Man that all of Us can learn something from. We thank Coach Richardson for all of the lives he’s changed during his playing and coaching careers!

For more information about Coach Nolan Richardson, please go to and see all of his accomplishments.

In the Interest of Telling Our Story,

Brother Zach Husser, Community Organizer

Zachary Cornell Husser is a NY/NJ Community Organizer and member of the Columbia University men’s basketball teams of 1967–70. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.