Why So Much Gun Violence in the City of Obama, Jesse & Farrakhan?

Dear Family of Friends,


by Zach Husser

Gun Violence in Black and Hispanic Neighborhoods is on my mind! I’m directing this message specifically to All Black Men and Men of Color. Why aren’t we in the solution resolution of the gun violence that is killing our future Doctors, Lawyers, Electricians, Pilots, Sanitation personnel, nurses, and other careers that have been taken away because Our Young Sons and Daughters are killing Our Future? What has happened to Us and why aren’t we on the front lines “Saving Our Young Sons/Daughters” from these tragedies?

In Chicago, the City where President Barack H. Obama comes from as well as Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, and Brother Jessie Jackson with Operation Push. With this Influence of Organizations and great leaders, nothing is being done about the consistent gun killings in the Windy City! Something is not being done in collaboration amongst these men and the Mayor along with the City, State, and Federal elected officials. Where are the Churches when it comes to “Doing Something” about stopping the Gun Violence? We can do Better and I’m thinking why aren’t we as well as why haven’t we!

Chicago has all of these Organizations, but on the subject of Stopping Youth Gun Violence, none of them are organized nor do they work together. How many not creating our Black Future must die now before we come together and do the Work to stop our children from getting gunned down?

We all know the issues surrounding the Gun Violence comes from poor education in schools, no job opportunities, low self esteem, and No United Black Men Stepping up to the plate to work with Our Sons and Daughters. I’m directing my commentary directly at Black Men because we’ve been sitting on the sidelines as our Future is getting destroyed by Gun Violence. What are We Going to do? I say we must come together in Chicago from all of the different views and put together a life Saving Plan. I suggest we hire the FOI from the Nation of Islam and work with them as they create safe zones in all of Our Neighborhoods. The Fruit of Islam did it before and they can do it again. We need to Pay them the money necessary to straighten things out in Our Neighborhoods. We already know and trust them because they’ve stayed in our home areas when all other ran out. This is a plan that the Alderman, the Mayor, and all other elected officials can endorse.

The Churches can work with the Nation of Islam because they have Men who live in the Neighborhoods we’re talking about all over Chicago as well as in other Cities around the United States of America. This is my plan and we can make it come true if we really want to stop the killing of Black Children in Black Neighborhoods. This Gun Violence is not going down everyday in any other Community except Ours. What are You prepared to do to help get the FOI up and operating in Chicago and then around the United States of America? Remember, their Security Teams have done the work in the past and we need to bring them back immediately with the dollars to make what I propose happen! We can’t afford to have any more of Our Children die from Gun violence.

Looking for those Men of Color who want to work,

Brother Zachary C. Husser, Community Organizer

Note: All of this work is going to very difficult, but that’s why we Must stay involved and focus on Saving Our Sons as we Save Ourselves. What do You think?

Zachary Cornell Husser is a NY/NJ Community Organizer and member of the Columbia University men’s basketball teams of 1967–70. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.