THE PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH, to be held in NYC on September 21, 2014, calls for climate justice and a world with renewable energy, good jobs, clean air, healthy communities for all, and an Earth safe from the ravages of ongoing climate change. Sierra Club Niagara Group and a coalition of regional environmental and social justice organizations and students have secured three buses to go to New York City to join the biggest climate rally ever! The PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH is scheduled to coincide with the gathering of world leaders for a UN summit on the earth climate crisis. The UN Secretary General is urging governments to support an ambitious global agreement to dramatically reduce global warming.

More than 550 local, national and international organizations are participating including Sierra Club, NRDC, and Leaders are expecting thousands of people from across the United States to attend to raise the voices of this country to support meaningful action. We join others who are calling for a world economy that works for people and the planet!
Buffalo and Niagara will be doing its share. We can transport 150 people on the buses and are encouraging people to also take the train and other modes of transportation to attend the march which will be located near Columbus Circle in NYC around noon.

For more information, visit our table at the Elmwood Arts Festival Aug. 23 and 24. To reserve your seat on the bus, see the Sierra Club website .