We are offended and extremely disappointed by the words and actions of Sam Hoyt, Tony Masiello and Maria Lehman. While the Governor’s appointees are busy cutting back-door deals, our members are suffering from asthma and other illnesses that are linked to diesel exhaust.

The neighborhood has routinely been cut out of decisions that impact their lives. This is further proof that there have been intentional acts to mislead the public. The Buffalo Common Council and the Peace Bridge Authority must be more transparent. Our members are ready to hold them accountable for their actions.”

The Clean Air Coalition is a grassroots environmental health and justice organization that organizes residents who live on Buffalo West Side and in Tonawanda. The organization’s members filed a civil rights complaint against the NYS DOT after the agency failed to include communities of color and individuals who have limited English proficiency in outreach and public meetings about a nearly $35 million dollar project to expand trucking infrastructure. The complaint was discussed in the tapes leaked to the Buffalo News.