On Saturday, August 16, 2014, just 24 days before the September 9 primary election – in which Assemblyman Walter has an Independence Party Primary from his Democratic Challenger Steven Meyer – a SECOND campaign flyer for Assemblyman Water, paid for with taxpayer dollars, began arriving in Amherst residents’ mailboxes. See attachment.

New York State Assembly Rules, at Rule 5, Section 10, state, in their relevant part, that:

a. The use of legislative printing and mail facilities for news-letters and other forms of mass mailings which bear the name or likeness of a candidate in a . . . primary . . . election shall be prohibited within thirty days of such . . . primary election . . . .

The Rule prohibits ANY FORM of MAILINGS that bear the name or likeness of an Assembly member candidate within the 30-day window. This SECOND flyer bears both Walter’s likeness and Walter’s name. Additionally, it bears Walter’s campaign logo. An excerpt of the Rules is attached. It’s a clear and blatant violation.

This SECOND flyer within a week also bears the same New York State Assembly return address and again indicates that taxpayers paid for Walter’s campaign literature. The postage indicia reads:

US Postage
Albany, NY
Permit No. 75

Walter’s continued violation of Assembly Rule V and his use of taxpayer money for partisan campaign literature is indefensible. Is Assemblyman Walter so afraid of Steven Meyer, his Democratic challenger in the Independence Party Primary, that he must resort to spending taxpayer money against Candidate Meyer?

I must repeat that Walter, an attorney, should have greater respect for the Rules and the purpose of the Assembly’s prohibition against mass mailings in the 30 days before a Primary Election.