Brian Grubb has gone places on his wakeskate. He has gone places far and wide, colorful and unique. Two years ago he traveled to Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin, to wakeskate a 187-acre cranberry farm

Last year, Grubb flew 9,000 miles and hiked 5,000 feet up to skate the rice terraces in the mountainous Banaue region of the Philippines. There, he met with members of the Tuwali tribe, where, after a ceremony led by governing Mumbaki priests, the team was granted permission to skate farmlands that were 2,000-3,000 years old. Wakeboarding Magazine perhaps put it best: “Well, this is mindblowing.”

His latest project took Grubb and three-time Wakeskate Tour Champion Andrew Pastura to Lockport, New York. 

A small town near Buffalo, Lockport is home to the famed Flight of Five, five locks or stone tanks, built in a receding, stair-like fashion to assist boats down the 60-foot drop in elevation. Constructed in the early 1800s, the locks were crucial to the completion of the Erie Canal, the manmade waterway that traverses New York State and helped make Buffalo a center of American steel production.