Earle Holder is well known to American music artists, and is one of the few top legendary award winning mastering engineers who have managed to gain worldwide recognition for his work. He is a voting member of The Grammy Recording Academy for Engineering

HDQTRZ (pronounced Headquarters) Mastering Studios has been the secret weapon behind record labels for years. Send us your music and listen for yourself. We will provide a free 45 second mastered sample of your music along with any recommendations if needed.

They specialize in all styles of music including classical, rock, hip hop, jazz, trance, techno, etc.

We are so confident that we can master your audio to the highest possible standard; we are offering a free master of your 45 second long audio file. Don’t take our word for it; listen to the results for yourself.

Hdqtrz Digital Mastering Studio is committed to providing their clients with the best sounding finished product ever. Get a free download of any music contract you need by clicking on our “Tips” link.

Tasteful compression on individual instruments is fine but don’t normalize, compress, limit or eq your stereo mix at the output before you give it to us. The mixes should not peak over OdBFS and if they “look” soft on your editor after the mix-down – DON’T TURN IT UP

You can send (and receive) your project from anywhere in the world over the internet to Hdqtrz Digital Mastering Studios (we have a high speed line with lots of bandwidth allowing us to download your large .wav or .AIFF mix files. Do not send an MP3.

Our clients benefit from the expertise of seasoned, industry professionals with more than forty years of industry experience.

HDQTRZ Digital Mastering Studios is owned and operated by Earle Holder, Professional Mastering Engineer for over twenty years.

Earle Holder is currently the Chief mastering engineer for the world famous Public Enemy and Chuck D’s new record label SlamJamz along with many other industry heavy hitters. He has a musical background that spans his entire life and is a high level computer engineer by trade. He studied music with the late Jimmy Cannady of Cannady Studios (former member of the Inkspots for those of you who remember). He has more than twenty-five years’ experience and is the recipient of several prestigious music awards, including the Atlanta Music Industry Award presented by the GA Music Center. He is a regular guest speaker at music studios throughout North America and is quoted in numerous industry magazines. You can also tune into LIB Radio and listen to a few of his tips.

He is also a motivational speaker and is available for large groups. His enthusiasm, passion and drive will surely help you embrace the real you and place you on the track for success in any field. His techniques are phenomenal.

He completed a two-year project with Paavo Jumppanen in 2003, an engineer located in Australia who is an expert in sound technology. They developed the perfect tool to assist musicians, producers and mastering engineers with their final mastering, named “Har-Bal” which is now distributed in 116 countries through 32 affiliates..

Har-Bal was awarded EQ’s magazine (EQ Exceptional Quality Award) as a “must buy” and Keyboard Magazine’s “Key-Buy” award, and is now considered a required tool in professional studios worldwide. You can read more about this amazing tool at www.har-bal.com.