In a time where officials are asking for calm and reflection this week surrounding the vicious assassination of two New York City Police Officers, Homegrown racist Carl Paladino just can’t help himself from taking shots.

A very mundane email statement from NYS Minority Leader Brian Kolb sent out recently on the New York City incident:

“Our collective prayers and condolences go out to the families of NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. In the midst of such grief and loss, we remember these fallen officers as heroes who dedicated their lives to the most selfless and courageous profession.

This tragedy impacts us all.  Police officers are the fabric of our communities. They exemplify bravery and sacrifice – men and women who put themselves in harm’s way each day and who risk their own lives to protect ours.

In recent weeks many have called into question the performance and integrity of our police officers. It has been a disappointing and disrespectful dialogue. Police officers deserve nothing less than an unwavering commitment from leaders in communities they serve. The brave men and women who put on a badge each day and protect our families and neighborhoods will always have my steadfast support and profound gratitude for the work they do every day.”

Paladino responded by sending out an email of his own adding his own hatred towards black and democratic leaders falsely accusing them of calling for the killing of Innocent Police officers? Are you serious?

What are you doing, Brian? Man up or get out of the way. Point a finger. Call out the gutless and spineless elected officials who equivocate and patronize those who call for the killing of innocent policemen who are a symbol of the American people. At least denounce the disrespect that Obama, Holder, DeBlasio and Cuomo have shown the police and the people by patronizing the Al Sharpton types and standing at their side. Like those who incite these attacks, Skelos, Silver and Cuomo are a self-serving cult of opportunists.
-Carl Paladino

If Carl and his racist tea party followers stepped out of their bubble once in a while they would know that accusing these people of “calling for the killing of innocent police officers” is nothing but fueled by their own racism and hatred towards black and democratic leadership.