Buffalo, NY – Legislator Barbara Miller-Williams along with her Legislature Colleagues, passed the Amendments to the County Executive’s Proposed 2015 Budget late last night with an unanimous vote that ensures that vital services are protected. The County Executive is expected to pass the Amended Budget later this week. Legislator Miller-Williams championed restoration of funding for numerous Cultural and Arts Programs important to her constituents and secured additional funding for the Buffalo City Mission Expansion Project through Budget Amendments.

Legislator Barbara Miller-Williams worked collaboratively with fellow Legislators on the majority of the amendments, however she did not vote in support of decreased funding and elimination of the Greater Toronto Area Economic Development Project. “I would like to commend my Colleagues for working together to approve the Amendments” said Legislator Miller-Williams. “As a result of our efforts, property taxes were reduced for the first time in over a decade.”

The Amended Budget was adopted by the entire Legislature at its Annual Budget Meeting. It is anticipated that the Erie County Executive will not veto the proposed Amended Budget next week. The 2015 Budget goes into effect January 1, 2015.

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