For the First Friday of 2015, Hi-Temp Fabrication at 79 Perry Street will present a collaborative, multimedia installation by Buffalo artists Tara Sasiadek and Sean Madden on January 2nd from 7-11pm. The Alchemy of Dreams is a visual playground where the psyche meets itself and works through the ephemera of everyday life, from the traumatic to the stunning to the mundane.


Swiss psychotherapist and founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, thought of dreams as the primary medium for the conscious and unconscious-minds to meet and reconcile.  In this meeting, the two sides of our nature clash, adapt, and eventually coexist as an integrated whole without either side being diminished.


Sasiadek’s multimedia work has never been shy about space or interactivity. Past works have included major installations at Silo City as part of City of Night, an interactive giant squid at Trimania, and comic book-inspired photo opportunities in Buffalo Arts Studio. She intends to use the cavernous expanse of Hi-Temp to replicate the amorphous nature of space in our dreams through sculptures and paintings strategically placed throughout the gallery space.


“Dreams present an opaque but vibrant guide to our inner lives, but they also contain the flotsam and jetsam of the brain’s nightly scrubbing of millions of sensory details.  In that deep clean, we are trying to tell ourselves something.  Listening is a process in turns exhilarating, terrifying, and humorous,” said Sasiadek of her work.  “For this new body of work, I am using only unconscious imagery.  Everything in dreams is intensified and uncanny, so this has produced an entirely new art-making process for me.”


The look and feel of Sean Madden’s work has also changed dramatically recently. Infamous for dark paintings, Madden was widely considered an offensive psychedelic iconoclast. Historically, his work was filled with grim biomorphic landscapes, Lovecraftian creatures, and suicidal clowns.  A victory in a significant battle over censorship has recently changed his work toward the positive.   Conservatives threatened to violate his first amendment rights and oust him from his 25-year held school counselor position due to the expressed darkness and anti-dogma messages in his private work.  Although the battle was extremely painful to endure, Madden was vindicated. It may be no accident that his aesthetic has literally changed from darkness to light.


His current works are playful absurdist dreamscapes combined with explorations of light and creative energy as it moves through the human form and the universe. In sharp contrast to his prior works, which were filled with anger and forbidden sexual themes, Madden’s new works, while still highly psychedelic, are spiritually uplifting, representing the wholeness found after the conscious and unconscious meet, clash, and essentially find peace.


Sean Madden is a life-long painter who developed his unique style and artistic sensibilities as a kid growing up in Buffalo.  His work has been shown internationally and featured two different volumes from Verboten Books.   Sean has studied painting and drawing at the Rochester Institute of Technology and Empire State College, and has a Masters in Counselor Education from SUNY Brockport.


Tara Sasiadek is a Buffalo, NY native who has a BA in Philosophy and a BFA in Painting, from SUNY Buffalo and a Masters in Human Development from George Washington University.  Tara teaches at the Buffalo Academy of Science, and serves as the President of Emerging Leaders in the Arts Buffalo. As President of ELAB, she was a primary organizer of Cirque de le Lune and City of Night. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Fine Art from the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

As part of her MFA work, she has been working with Hallwalls Curator John Massier, who said of her current body of work:  “I’ve seen Tara’s work for a few years and I would grade her very high in regard to risk taking, challenging herself to make the work more interesting, pursuing new materials and approaches, and not getting fixated on a singular approach or idea.”


Hi-Temp Fabrication is a Buffalo landmark, a factory/art gallery in the cobblestone district of Buffalo that caters to local and emerging artists in a unique and vibrant setting.