Last season’s cold, cruel winter left pothole disasters on pretty much all the roads in my community. As a result, municipal repair crews seem to be tearing up, patching and repaving every blacktopped driving surface on which I drive, from back roads to major highways.

Part and parcel of such work are the cautionary signs posted alongside the repair jobs, the most common of which this year is a singular word warning, “BUMP”.  And therein lies my latest idea for better living.

What if there were warning signs for life, preparing us for what lies ahead? These messages would actually forewarn us that we were approaching a challenging “bump”, with levels of “bumpiness” such as “temporary bump”, “ slow down, bump” or for those really rough patches, “bumpy road ahead”

Ok, so there are a few drawbacks, like high level jitters while waiting for the other shoe to drop. So perhaps a modification is in order, like life road signs for the good that awaits around the next curve.

Imagine waking up to a bright yellow sign flashing a message, “smooth road ahead” or “good times ahead” or “great opportunity awaits”.  Even without a time frame you would spend time looking for the goodness promised. And when there were bumps along your life path, you might find them less stressful, believing something good was on the way.Road Signs For Life

I guess it all comes down to mindset—imagining our own life signs in which we can have faith and believe. No doubt there will be road bumps in our lives, some of which seem impossible to get through without breaking our hearts or damaging our souls. The challenge is to look down the road for that sign….that person or place or experience that will help repair the holes in our beings and guide us back to a smoother path.

It’s a struggle, no doubt, just like keeping the roads driveable after a long, harsh winter. But there is nothing like traveling along a newly repaired road on a glorious summer day, windows down, radio blasting, trusting that there are no major bumps ahead….at least until next winter.