Political figures, parliamentarians and jurists with different political inclinations from all over the globe have entered Paris to participate in this gathering and to express their solidarity with the Iranian Resistance on June 13.

Maryam Rajavi offered a speech to this gathering about the crisis in Iraq, the mullahs’ regime meddling, the strategic impact of Iraq in crisis on the trend of developments in Iran, the developments in Syria, as well as the prospect of the mullahs’ regime. In this meeting, Mrs. Rajavi assessed Rouhani’s record of the nationwide suppression and execution inside Iran and the continuation of regime’s warmongering in the region.
As the June 30 deadline of talks with Iran over its nuclear program approaches, Maryam Rajavi commented, “Why did Khamenei acquiesce to the Geneva Accord, despite being only two to three months away from nuclear weapons capability?   The answer is simple: Because he feared another eruption of uprisings; because his nuclear strategy has run aground; and because in the words of his foreign minister, the regime’s strategic capacity has been eroded. This explains why the Geneva Accord destabilized the regime,”
Dozens of prominent political figures, as well as special speakers from 15 Arab countries, addressed the gathering.

A number of prominent international figures also sent messages to declare their solidarity with this gathering.
Representatives of Iranian communities and associations, including the youth represented by more than 300 association also appeared on the stage. The memory of martyrs of the path to freedom in Iran was honored in this program.