Call by 24 associations and NGOs to the UN Secretary-General and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to respect the fundamental rights of Camp Liberty residents

March 2015

Twenty-four societies and NGOs from Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Pakistan, Senegal, Nigeria, Malaysia and Togo have addressed in separate letters and statements the United Nations Secretary-General and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights condemning the brutal medical and logistical blockade imposed on the residents of Camp Liberty, members of the Iranian democratic opposition PMOI in Iraq.

The joint call of these organizations reiterates that the residents of Camp Ashraf were transferred to Camp Liberty following the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the United Nations and the Government of Iraq on December 25, 2011. Not only has the Government of Iraq not been committed to the MOU, but it has also forced the Camp residents to live under a fully illegal siege, and denies the Liberty residents access to medical services.

The signatories also protested against the living conditions of nearly 3000 Iranian refugees at Camp Liberty and regarded the brutal blockade on them against all international humanitarian standards and a blatant breach of every human being’s fundamental rights.

The above-mentioned associations and NGOs concluded their call by saying: We call on the UN and international community to take appropriate action compelling Iraqi government to remove the cruel siege immediately and guarantee residents’ unrestricted access to medical services and that the residents can sell their moveable and unmovable assets in camp Ashraf which was formerly guaranteed by the UN and the United States.”



The signatories to the joint call are as follows:


  1. International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) – Australia
  • World Peace Committee – Togo
  1. The Worldwide Coalition for Peace – United States
  2. Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities (FAAVM) – Canada
  3. Pax Christi Australia
  4. Jubilee Campaign – United States
  5. Youth Against racism – United States
  6. International Committee For Peace And Reconciliation– United States
  7. Action of Christians Against Torture – ACAT – The Netherlands
  8. Association of Democratic Lawyers – Italy
  9. EveryOne Group – Italy
  10. Athletes United for Peace – United States
  11. Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights – PCSWHR
  12. Association of Global Humanists & Ethics (AGHE)- Pakistan
  13. International Human Rights Commission (IHRC)- Nigeria
  14. The Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales (BHRC)
  15. World Peace Committee in Malaysia
  16. World Peace Committee – Senegal
  17. Movement for Justice Peace & Human Rights International (MJPHRI) – Pakistan
  18. World Students Peace Federation – WSPF – Pakistan
  19. Italian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights
  20. Congregations Of St. Joseph– United States
  21. Peace building Solutions– United States
  22. International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) – United States