Buffalo, New York –KORC understands that there is not enough time in the day to do everything you want. Sometimes you need an extra hand. But where do you find that help and how do you ensure that they are reliable? That’s where KORC comes in.

Designed to make bringing people together for odd jobs easier, KORC uses familiar and easy technology to conveniently find people for odd jobs such as cutting the lawn or organizing the garage. Perhaps the task you need completed is something you don’t know how to do. KORC can help. KORC helps users find workers that have the know how to complete the task at hand- whether that is painting, cleaning the gutters, or simply helping you change a flat tire. This helpful app also allows its users to see reviews for the workers offering their services.

KORC has two account types: poster and worker. If you are a poster, you are placing an ad looking for assistance for a temporary job at your home or business. To post, the user simply slides up to make a post with the specifics of their job. KORC gives you the ability to choose how many workers you need and how you want to pay. Do you prefer bartering? KORC gives you the ability to negotiate this directly with the skilled worker you hire through the app. You can easily contact your KORC worker through in app texting or calls.

Worker accounts give people who have specialized skills the opportunity to view and apply for the jobs that posters create. Those seeking work swipe right and get to work or swipe left and move on. KORC gives workers the ability to decline a job even after it was accepted. With KORC workers can take on as much or as little work as they desire.

With KORC, you’ll never put off spring cleaning again. Join an active community of people who know what they need to get the job done. KORC – Consider it done.

The KORC app is now available for iOS and is coming soon for Android.