Major new developments in Syria coinciding with int’l coalition against ISIS in Paris

The International Coalition Against ISIS launched a session on Tuesday in Paris to evaluate its strategy following recent developments in Iraq and Syria. According to the French Foreign Ministry this forum will pressure the Iraqi government to adopt a policy to allow the participation of all walks of life, especially the Sunnis, in the fight against ISIS.

Twenty four foreign ministers, envoys of international organizations, representatives of the Gulf Cooperation Council took part in this conference.

In startling new revelations Syrian National Coalition leader Khaled Khoja said Assad’s air force is overtly providing air support for ISIS, bombing cities in preparation for this group’s entrance. Khoja emphasized abandoning Syria in the current circumstances will have major implications on other regional states.

Syria is facing terrorism starting with the Assad regime, Khoja continued, adding Iran’s militants are the next in line.

SNC Defense Minister General Salim Idris said the Assad regime has intensified its air raids on Aleppo in order to keep the rebels busy and not allow them dispatch reinforcements to the northern front of this province. He stressed ISIS seizing the city of Tadmir is considered a dangerous threat, adding this group is in cooperation with the Lebanese Hezbollah in the Qalamoun region.

Asharq al-Awsat daily cited Syrian opposition sources saying 100 Russian advisors in Syria supporting the Assad regime have left the country by plane.

This daily added a Syrian opposition member said the Russian advisors, being one of the main military backers of Assad in this 4 year long war, left Latakia and headed for Russia. Syrian opposition officials told Asharq al-Awsat that these Russian advisors were assisting the Assad regime in their battlefield strategy.

This report adds Russian advisors departing Syria is a sign of the probability of all Russians pulling out of Syria and leaving behind Assad’s fragile army.