By Pejman Amiri 

Whenever we look at websites for some news on Iran, there is always two classifications that raise one’s attention. These two act as two sides of one scale. However, this is not an ordinary scale: each time one side of the scale goes up, another also goes up (!) while rationally the other side of the scale should go down…

One side of the scale is the internal disputes flaring between the Iranian regime’s own officials, while the other shows an increasing wave of brutal executions inside the ayatollahs’ dungeons. In the past 30 days there have 165 prisoners sent to the gallows, meaning 5 or 6 people a day.

In the meantime Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was summoned in a parliament session behind closed doors a few days ago to provide explanations about the probable upcoming agreement. This was a closed door session lasting for two hours. Finally, the parliament speaker said, “Adequate explanations were provided on the negotiations and the MPs were able to express their opinions.”

However, the speaker was seriously embarrassed when a short video clip of the real story behind the closed doors was posted on the Internet. The two parties were screaming at each other and one of the MPs of the Khamenei faction described Rouhani’s top diplomat as a “traitor”. Zarif in his remarks mentioned some serious words about Khamenei.

While Khamenei’s stature is seriously crumbling inside the regime, these days even his inner circle are ridiculing him. However, what is new is that such scenes leaked from a closed-door session. Rationally, the regime’s own vetted MPs were in this session and this video clip was taken in secret and immediately placed on the Internet. From this very video clip one can get an image on the raging crisis inside the regime in Iran.

One can also reach another conclusion from all the horrific executions and vicious crackdown taking place inside Iran. When the regime’s own elements lash out at each other, one can easily imagine how they would treat the innocent people of Iran:

“165 executions in less than a month reported by the regime’s own media”

A state-run media outlet in Iran writes, “It is expected that by naming the nuclear negotiating team as traitors, in the future this team will not have any security upon entering the country or even getting off their plane!” (State-run Ebtekar daily – 25 May 2015)

The truth is that with the regime’s internal and international crises increasing, along with the major setbacks it has suffered in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and … the rifts inside its own ranks are widening more than ever before. As a result, this will speed up the crumbling and overthrow of this fundamentalism regime.

The truth is that Iran is not just summarized in the dogfights of various factions. In other words, this play doesn’t have just two actors, being the Khamenei’s faction against the Rafsanjani-Rouhani faction. In fact, there is another significant element in the role played by the Iranian people and their organized Resistance. This movement has forced the ayatollahs into this quagmire and it is not letting go.

The Iranian Resistance is planning another major blow to Iran’s ayatollahs in their annual gathering in Paris on June 13. Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi will be once again voicing the Iranian people’s thirst for freedom, democracy and a non-nuclear Iran. This will be a true representation of the Iranian people.

Political and human rights activist who has fled Iran due to the repression of freedom activists.

Freelance writer on & Pro & for Iran