NYS Bill A355 has had a positive reception in the NYS Assembly, but needs public support for a “YES” vote.

Current legislation allows board-certified physicians to prescribe opiate pain-killers such as hydrocodone. Yet a very few of these prescribers have engaged in training regarding the addictive nature of these medications. This lack of training in the medical community has contributed to the current opiate abuse epidemic in New York State. Doctors prescribing medications without the knowledge of the side-effects has created an environment that fosters addiction. One solution to this tragedy is easy; require doctors to participate in continuing education about the medicine they are allowed to provide to our community.

Contact your NYS Assembly Representative and request they vote YES for Bill A355. Physician Awareness saves lives.

Phone, text or tweet. Find your district and tell them that physicians should have knowledge about the dangers of the drugs they prescribe. Find your representative here: