Opponents of the P5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran signed in Vienna on July 14th see it as a license for Tehran to wreak havoc in the region.

With economic pressures scheduled to be relieved and Iran due to receive billions, the thinking goes, Iran can be expected to unleash its emboldened minions upon the Middle East and undermine US interests.

There are those especially in the US arguing that Iran spent $15 billion on its military last year while the Saudis and five other Gulf Cooperation Council states spent a total of $115 billion. However, they don’t go on to explain that it is how Iran spent its billions for mischief, such as supporting Bashar Assad’s war machine, Hezbollah, Hamas, sectarian Shiite militants in Iraq and most recently the Houthis in Yemen that has forced the Sunni states to allocate this vast amount of money to protect their people and interests. Wouldn’t you?

And those who actually support the Iran deal also don’t explain how the US is clearly benefiting from Iran’s support for terrorism in the Middle East because a large portion of this $115 billion is going to American arms companies, and of course good old US President Barack Obama at a summit at Camp David in May promised GCC countries more military hardware and assistance to improve their ability to police the region. How convenient, no?

And then the advocates go on to say that Iran has to spend most of the money it will be receiving to respond to domestic needs. Despite the fact that the Iranian people will now be expecting the regime to provide some relief after all the promises of lifting the sanctions, those with the slightest of knowledge about the Iranian regime know that it has its eyes set on providing badly needed money for its proxies across the region. Bashar Assad in Syria was one of the first to congratulate Tehran on the nuclear deal, (think about that Mr. Obama!) knowing it means money in his pockets to kill more and more innocent Syrian women and children with his deadly barrel bombs. And the Houthis in Yemen, recently receiving severe blows from popular resistance forces and the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, are desperately counting on money and arms from Iran or else after Aden they will also lose Sana’a.

And finally, advocates of the nuclear deal are also warning that if the pact is torpedoed by Congress, Iran would back off significantly from its fight against ISIS in Iraq and Baghdad would fall in just weeks. For God’s sake, stop bubbling this regime for the sake of your own arguments and appeasement. If this trend goes on we should probably expect people to come by and say President Obama should actually thank Iran for its meddling in Iraq and provide air support for all the dreadful atrocities and sectarian purges of the Sunni community committed by the Iran-backed Shiite extremists.

This whole deal was a major opportunity lost for the West as it had Iran at the ropes, and more pressure would have placed both the supreme leader Ali Khamenei and Rouhani on their knees begging for mercy. And it is also a big loss for the Iranian regime, as Khamenei is losing his image as the all mighty leader supervising anything and everything. If the West wants to compensate for this missed opportunity, it should strongly back the people’s demands from the ruling mullahs.