Type: Documentary (Netflix)
Release Date:  February 2009
Director: Barbara Schroeder
Duration: 1 hr 15 mins
My Rating: 8/10

Overview: “There’s something addicting about a secret.”

The internet is a dangerous place, that’s no surprise. TalHotBlond exposes the realities of how anyone can be anyone on the interweb. 

Tom Montgomery, a 47 year old ex-Marine, husband and father of two, meets Jessi, an 18 year old high school graduate, on an online gambling site. Tom, a Clarence, NY native, lies to Jessi and says he is 18 and a Marine Sniper in training. Jessi lives in West Virginia and hopelessly falls for Tom’s story and for him.

Along the way, Tom’s co-worker, Brian (18), also starts talking to Jessi online and his decision to become involved with her ends up being a deadly mistake.

TalHotBlond is a story of murder and mistaken identity and will leave you with your jaw dropping to the floor.

What I loved: First off, when my sister told me this documentary was based in the area where we grew up, I was totally baffled. I had never heard of this case and was eager to watch ASAP. 

The story is disturbing, disgusting and entirely enthralling. 

Real messages exchanged between Tom and Jessi were shown and you will not believe what they talk about…

Tom Montgomery is interviewed and he often sent chills down my spine.

TalHotBlond is the ultimate “catfish” and the documentary has a HUGE twist at the end. 

This is a must-see true crime doc.

What I didn’t: During the documentary, a clinical psychologist was interviewed to give his take on Montgomery’s state of mind during the entire duration of this online frenzy. However, the psychologist seemed a little weird himself, and I would have liked to see different clinical perspectives and not just his.

Also, despite the ghost of Brian narrating the story, I would have liked to have learned more about him as a person and not as a victim of this senseless murder. Maybe some more family photos, interviews with friends or teachers should have been thrown in.

Last, but not least, seeing as this took place in Buffalo, NY, I would have liked to have seen more shots of the area. Mostly, so I could say, “Hey, I know that place!” Or, “I’ve been there!” Nonetheless, the doc did show the appropriate shots such as the murder scene and the factory where Tom and Brian both worked.