Anti Rouhani rally NY 2015
While attempting to falsely portray himself as a “moderate” or a “reformer” that should enjoy the international community’s trust and engagement, Iran President Hassan Rouhani is responsible for the highest rate of executions committed by the mullahs’ regime in any similar period of the past 25 years. We are talking about one execution every 8 hours, and that is truly nothing to boast about.

Instead of standing firm and defending human rights and humanitarian values, the international community – and especially the United States – are allowing him to enter New York and take part in the 70th annual United Nations General Assembly. Two years after all those promises of reform and change, the only thing truly changed is the fact that executions and torture inside Iran’s prisons are skyrocketing, while the West could care less as their companies are rushing to Iran for the best lucrative deals possible.  As always the Iranian people are the ones paying the price of this policy of appeasement and rapprochement.

Rouhani is scheduled to deliver his speech at the UNGA on Monday, and rest assured that thousands of Iranian dissidents will be making their voice heard and having the entire world know that he is not their representative. The UN podium has been the stage for many bad figures over the years who have taken advantage of this opportunity to pursue their own plots. However, seeing Rouhani there is quite exceptional because while being deceptive as a fox, he blends much better into the crowd like a chameleon.

Rouhani’s charade has received a foolish boost by the Obama administration as they handed him a series of illegitimate concessions and at the same time failed to reach their goal of blocking Iran’s routes to a nuclear weapon.

While the West is busy seeking its own interests, Amnesty International and other well-known human rights organizations are describing the situation in Iran under Rouhani as deteriorating fast. 2,000 executions during his tenure tops Iran as having the highest execution rate per capita, and the most lethal executioner of juvenile offenders.

Amnesty International also issued a disturbing and shocking report on July 23rd over “Iran’s staggering execution spree”, describing how nearly 700 were executed in Iran in a span of just over 6 months.

Here is where leaders of the free world should ask themselves: Do you truly want to be seen shaking the hands of such a brutal dictator? Or should you think twice and actually side with the Iranian people’s organized resistance whose supporters are making themselves heard in New York as we speak.