Eric Eve, Grandson of Arthur O. Eve – a former New York State politician and activist, Brings His Own Form of Activism to Western New York

BUFFALO,NY (October 1, 2015) – The latest statistics from the U.S Census Bureau shows that Buffalo is the 4th poorest city in the nation. Unfortunately, such a poverty rate not only can affect finances, but can damage the overall mind set of an entire population. However, things are about to change. Citizens of Western New York will be given an opportunity to attend a “life changing event” – to empower themselves by learning how to IDENTIFY and FULFILL their individual, unique purposes.

Destination Day as the event is titled, encompasses the underlying theme of, “Living a Purpose Driven Life.” Three dynamic presenters will be featured:

Mr. Dante Worth from Rochester, NY

Dante Worth is a life coach, host of the annual “Free 2 Love & Be Loved” empowerment event, and author of the book, “Free to Be Me: I Am Not My Issues.” He is also the founder of the IANMH (I Am Not My Hair) Project – a non-profit organization dedicated to the awareness of Alopecia.

Mr. Nyandusi “Dus” Nyache from Buffalo, NY

Nyandusi ‘Dus’ Nyache, is a certified independent speaker, coach and trainer with the John Maxwell Team.  He is a leadership development expert, social activist and current board member with the Buffalo Urban League of Young Professionals as the Civics and Economics Chair.

Keynote speaker – Mr. Jarrod Wilkins from Houston, TX

Jarrod Wilkins is the CEO of Wilkins Leadership Group and network marketing millionaire who leads an organization of 20,000 people, representing 23 different nations. Alongside his wife Porshea, Wilkins focuses on teaching the 4 pillars of life: ‘Kingdom, Business, Relationships & Purpose’ via audios, e-books, video courses, and live events. Wilkins is a dynamic and transformational leader who speaks life into his audiences.


DESTINATION DAY will be held at the Millenium Hotel (2040 Walden Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14225) on October 10, 2015 from 9 AM until 3 PM.  Tickets are available online at

When asked what inspired the idea for the event, Mr. Eric Eve said: “When you stop dreaming, you stop living.  It saddens me to see people who may die at 75, but have really been dead since the age of 25, because they never realized their true purpose I believe that Buffalo’s poverty rate has caused people to stop envisioning. There are others, who are IMPREGNANTED with ideas yet do not know how to give BIRTH to them. My hope for those in Western New York at his event – is to help eliminate fears, educate individuals, and encourage their passions.”


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