” .. The dead man’s family, after meeting with Florida’s 15th judicial circuit state attorney, said they now know that Jones didn’t fire a shot.’Corey Jones never fired his weapon,’ Crump said. ‘The officer fired six times. When a plainclothes police officer with no badge shoots someone, it draws many questions.’

Attorney Daryl Parks said the meeting with the attorney general also revealed that Jones’s body was discovered an estimated 80 to 100 feet from his car.

‘What happened at the car?’ Parks asked at the news conference. ‘As we now know, he’s body was not found at the car. The gun was not found at the car. The gun was not found next to Corey. Those are answers and questions that have to be answered to match the forensic evidence with whatever the officer said.’

Jones, thanks to his work with several local bands, often traveled at odd hours transporting expensive instruments and cash from shows. Crump said Jones was licensed to carry a concealed weapon in Florida.

‘That’s your Second Amendment right as an American citizen,’ Crump said. ‘Are people going to come and support Corey’s right to have his gun and protect himself? Or are they going to say that’s not a convenient argument because it was Corey Jones?’ …”

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