In full disclosure about this week’s 64 and More interviewee—I have worked as a media consultant/event organizer for Bryan Wittman since 2011.
In fact, I am proud to be part of a small group of individuals that Bryan has assembled and collectively deemed, “Team Wittman”.
As Bryan noted in the first of his three-part interview, he is a fun guy. I learned that very quickly on our first project together— his wedding!
What follows is the Heart & Soul column I wrote about that amazing—and yes, fun— experience.


I love Mickey Mouse. What’s not to like about a cute guy whose sole purpose is to bring magic to the world? What I never imagined was that Mickey
would one day weave his special brand of magic directly into my life.

It all began innocently enough. I was enjoying lunch with a friend when he received a text. Following a quick scan of the electronic note, my friend turned his phone towards me. There I saw a message addressed to a group of people with the subject line, “Need A Writer”.

The note proceeded to ask if anyone in the group knew of a writer who could pen a few lines for a wedding ceremony. Retrieving his phone, my lunch companion began dialing a number while stating, “That’s you”.

Before I knew it, I was talking to a gentleman introduced to me as Bryan. He said he was getting married in a month and wondered if I might be interested in helping he and his finance write their ceremony?

Knowing nothing about the couple but being a romantic at heart, I immediately agreed. The groom-to-be replied that he would email their five-page wedding script with a time for conference call so we could talk.

Five page wedding script?

As I handed the phone back to my friend, that phrase muddled my mind. “Who is this Bryan guy?” I asked. My friend laughed and responded, “He’s a good buddy of mine who just happens to be the vice-president in charge of global special events for Disney.64 and More Vol 2  #2:  The Man, The Mouse and The Magic

It was all I could do to keep myself from jumping up and singing the M-I-C-K-E-Y anthem in the middle of the restaurant. I had just agreed to write for someone directly
connected to the one and only Mouse!

It was but a few hours before I received Bryan’s wedding script along with a detailed timeline for his Disney fairy tale wedding. Two days later came the conference call during which I took notes while both bride and groom described their “I Do” dreams. One short week later, I emailed three wedding ceremony readings written in my best verse and in accordance with the couple’s enchanted vision.

Then as all tortured writers must do, I waited—and waited and waited. Twenty four hours passed with nary a word from bride or groom. I could feel Mickey’s magic slowly receding from my world.

Finally, the judgement email arrived. I held my breath as I clicked on the message. The words literally jumped off my computer screen. “It’s perfect. We love it!”
This time, I actually did belt out the M-I-C-K-E-Y anthem loud and strong, while performing a happy dance to boot.64 and More Vol 2  #2:  The Man, The Mouse and The Magic

As the wedding date drew near, the nuptial couple asked if I would craft more words until, ultimately, the entire ceremony flowed from my pen. Next came a request that I work as the media contact for their wedding PR, followed by the most unexpected honor
of recording a voice-over of my words for a dove release ceremony mid-wedding. Added together, it was all more than I could have imagined.

Then came the crowning moment as Bryan pronounced me an honorary life-member of his Disney Team.

Ah yes—it is good to be certified by the Mouse and enveloped in his magical world.


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