Erie County Legislator Patrick B. Burke has added a new component to the 2 am bar closing debate. Saying that the prohibition on the sale of alcohol before noon on Sundays is a government overreach. Today, Burke submitted the “Mimosa Resolution,” which would call for making Sunday alcohol sales the same as any other day of the week.


“We need to stop treating adults like children. One of the key components of our government is maintaining public safety, not determining the private choices of citizens or businesses” stated Burke.

In his resolution, Burke argues that the prohibition on the sale of alcohol on Sundays before noon has negative consequences for several local businesses.

“This hurts hotels, this hurts salons that sell drinks like mimosas in their spa packages, and this hurts local restaurants. The SundayBlue Law is a dated, prohibition era reform that is unnecessary” said Burke. “When there is no added risk to public safety, we should focus on giving people more choices not taking them away.”

Pursuant to article 8, section 106.5 A of New York State’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Law it is illegal to sell alcohol prior to noon on Sunday, unlike Monday through Saturday, when sales are allowed after 8 am.

With Sunday being the second busiest shopping day of the week, it is imperative to Buffalo’s economic and cultural renaissance that we remove outdated regulations that hinder local businesses. Furthermore it also causes local and state government to lose profitable tax revenue.

Mimosa Resolution