President Obama will deliver his final State of the Union Address on Tuesday and what better way to play along (besides a drinking game) than with our 2016 State of the Union Bingo Cards.

We annually put together this printable PDF file for your SOTU watching enjoyment.  The cards contain 100 words or phrases the President could possibly use during his speech.  The 100 individualized playing cards should print two to a page, so just print however many you need a each of the 100 boards is unique.

The rules are simple…

Just follow along with the speech, listening for the keywords on your boards.  This year we added in some special possibilities to watch for including some fun Joe Biden possibilities and of course the inevitable shot of someone falling asleep during the speech.


2016 State of the Union Bingo Sample


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 2016 State of the Union Bingo Cards