Yesterday’s video interview with Frances and Mickey revealed the couple’s great passion for hockey. From installing rabbit ears on their ceiling to be able to watch Hockey Night in Canada, to attending Buffalo Sabres Games from the time the franchise began, hockey has been an integral part of their lives. What the couple couldn’t imagine was that one day their love of hockey would lead them to starring roles a movie. Below is the story of their screen debut as written by their granddaughter, Michel Kristen Coffey

When I first heard of a casting call for a documentary about Buffalo Sabres Fans I knew I had to somehow get my then 89-year-old
grandmother to those interviews!  For as long as I can remember, she has cut the Sabres’ roster out of the Buffalo News for EVERY Sabres game to keep her own stats on who scored every goal, got every assist, and received each penalty. 

Mickey and Frances with granddaughter Michel and Buffalo Sabres Documentary Director/Producer, Mary Wall

Her love of hockey began after my grandfather introduced her to the game in the 1940s. From rabbit ears on the ceiling (to be able to watch Toronto games) to the Buffalo Bisons Hockey Club, and finally to the birth of the Buffalo Sabres, hockey has been a constant common love of my grandparents throughout their amazing 70-plus years of marriage. 

As it turned out, I was able to secure an pre-filming interview for my grandmother. It was wonderful to see her joyfully reminisce as she answered the questions of the film’s director/producer Mary Wall— fondly recalling when the Sabres joined the NHL, remembering every detail, all her favorite players, and reliving the highs and lows throughout all her numerous decades as a Sabres fan.

When she was done with her interview I thought to myself that was a neat one-time thing, and perhaps, my grandmother might end up with a small quote that would make it in the final cut of film .Getting the phone call asking if both my grandparents and I would like to be part of the featured cast in the Sabres fan documentary was so exciting! 

I knew once Mary met my grandpa she would absolutely adore him as well. He is the kind of guy that just brightens the room and makes you smile. Although I had no idea what being in a documentary entailed, I thought how cool would it be for my grandparents to be able to see themselves up on the big screen one day! 

As the filming took place, I loved watching my grandparents discuss hockey together and how it helped carry them through their 70 plus years together. Hockey is in our blood and it is one of the many reasons I am proud to be my grandparents’ granddaughter,  While the game has changed a lot over the years, my grandparent’s love of the game and love for each other has never faltered.

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