Paris attack following missile attack on Camp Liberty
By keyvan Salami
With the start of 2016, the world is taking another step ahead into the twenty first century which was a fantasy for our forefathers. People of the 18th and 19th centuries dreamed that the post second millennium era would be a new episode of man’s progress. Novelists of that time wrote fictions to portray their people’s imaginations. What they predicted about science seems to have, partially, come true, but In terms of man’s dignity and basic human rights, it is a total catastrophe. World leaders’ failure to promote the human rights of the middles ages and international disregard for human rights regulations may also inject into our minds uncertainties about the accuracy of science theories we learnt at school. Does water really boil at 100 degrees as physics theories say? Well, just around Tigris and Euphrates rivers, where great ancient civilizations used to be, we can find resources of human disgrace today that make our minds disbelieve that water boils at 100 degrees.
Less than half a century ago conquering leaders of the time established United Nations to avoid circumstances that caused the man suffer a lot during the newly finished World War 2. Since then great men and women have put their lives defending the same cause of United Nations. Nevertheless, lassitude and inaction that encircle United Nations today has created uncertainties of the original desire. While a dictatorial rule, namely the regime of Iran, receives its 62nd condemnation at the UN General Assembly, at the same time its adversaries who struggle for a democratic society are left abandoned in pro Iran hands in the Iraqi government.
Last November when the domain of fundamentalists’ terrorism reached the strands of Europe, innocent French citizens became victims of vicious attacks. The French government then correctly rushed to the aid of the victims. Politicians reacted with imposing new anti-terrorism laws. Later, in December, US government renewed the memories of the American diplomats taken hostage at its embassy in Tehran, suggesting that their families were eligible to receive millions of Dollars in compensation. Almost the same time another terrorist attack took the lives of innocent people, this time at the strands to Tigris River in Iraq. Victims, this time, were dissidents to the Iranian regime whom United Nations had accommodated at a place called Camp Liberty. Here the things go differently. The amount of help victims receive is minimal. Nonetheless, the paws of the three year old medical and logistic siege grip the residents harder. United Nations stands by just as the Iraqi government does not allow anybody to enter the camp. It’s a cold winter but trucks, filled with the construction material purchased by the residents for renovation of their trailers, are turned away by Iraqi intelligence agents. US government ignores the situation and fails to recall its obligations. Here it seems that principles and resolutions are buried away. Water does not boil at 100 degrees here.
Unbelievably, fuel and swage tankers are banned from entering the camp to put more pressure on the residents, members of the Iranian resistance, who are paying the utmost price to overthrow the godfather of terrorism in Tehran.
Hundreds of members of the main Iranian opposition PMOI (MEK) in Camp Liberty hold a demonstration expressing their anger following the deadly rocket attack on the camp and protesting the failure of the United States government and the United Nations to uphold their security. The residents demanded that the Iraqi government lift its blockade on the entry of tools and materials for reconstruction into the camp. Dr. Boumedra, who as head of UNAMI’s human rights office until 2012 led the UN’s dossier on Camp Liberty, said that the Iranian regime had attacked the camp residents “to get rid of people who wanted freedom”. He added that the regime’s President Hassan Rouhani is responsible for the attack on Camp Liberty. “This man must be arrested when he visits Europe. He must be held accountable for what he is doing”
Here in Baghdad things go differently. Eyes do not see, ears do not hear; signatures and promises do not function. Maybe different laws apply here. In Washington & Baghdad Water does not boil at 100 degrees C.
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