Pan-African Flag Raising @ Buffalo City Hall

As a kickoff for the 41st consecutive Buffalo Juneteenth Parade and Festival. Mayor Byron Brown, The Buffalo Juneteenth committee and several other organizations have for the past 3 years raised the Pan-African Flag in Lafayette Square. Each time they do this it is an historic event, and it was an honor as the representatives of the current Government of the UNIA-ACL to have been invited to honor the late President General Marcus Mosiah Garvey on the date of his passing to the ancestral realm, also in the centennial year of his founding the UNIA-ACL in Harlem August 1916. Special Thanks to all who participated in making this happen. Ase

Advance, Advance To Victory Let Africa Be Free! Advance To Meet The Foe! With The Might Of The RED, The BLACK, And The GREEN!!!!!