Small Campaign Files PUBLIC CORRUPTION Complaint against GOP Hack Connected to Jacobs Campaign

State Senate Candidate Amber Small’s campaign filed a complaint with the Public Corruption Unit of the Erie County District Attorney’s office regarding Green Party petitions circulated by the campaign of her opponent Chris Jacobs and the Republican Party. 

The petitions, filed by Todd Aldinger on Wednesday July 13, 2016, are fraught with so many irregularities as to rise to the level of suspected election fraud.

James V. DePasquale of Evans, who until two weeks ago was not registered to vote, enrolled in the Green Party.  Less than two days later, petitions for the Green Party were circulated by and filed by NYS Republican Senate operatives for the 60th Senate District. Petitions for Mr. DePasquale were circulated and submitted by individuals clearly linked to Senate Republicans and Chris Jacobs.[1]

Small remarked, “I am appalled at the utter lack of respect for the electoral process and the voters of WNY. My opponent has shown that he is no better than the corrupt leaders who have been lining the halls of Albany for the last decade. This community deserves better. We deserve a champion of ethics and reform—not another crooked Albany politician who manipulates a system to serve himself. The last thing we need is another Senator who thinks he is above the law.”

She continued, “Our campaign is retaining counsel and will reveal further details of the Public Corruption Unit complaint as we file specific objections against Mr. DePasquale’s petitions with the Erie County Board of Elections later this week.”

Brant-Farnham Democratic Chair Debra A. Ritz commented, “These Republican operatives are trying to manipulate the electoral process and defraud the voters of Western New York. I join Ms. Small in condemning the actions of her opponent’s campaign.”