Recently the Town Board of Wheatfield approved the siting of a dehydration facility on Liberty Drive in the Town of Wheatfield and the Town of Elma approved the significant expansion of a compressor station on Hemstreet Drive in the Town of Elma. In both of these cases the residents were given a scant 48 hour notice of the meetings where decisions would be made and it was apparent that closed door sessions had occurred between National Fuel and board members. Numerous objections regarding health, safety and lack of information were made by residents in attendance. Although all Wheatfield and Elma residents who spoke were decidedly against the dehydration and compressor stations slated for their towns, decisions were made by both town boards against the residents and in favor of National Fuel.

National Fuel and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) are not addressing community concerns regarding the proposed Northern Access 2016 Pipeline Project. This proposed project covers over 100 miles in Western NY and PA. All along that route residents are strongly opposed with specific and serious concerns, yet feel their voices are not being heard. Groups and residents are coming together to protect the health and safety of our communities and our waterways, as this project would cross 180 streams and 270 wetlands.

We will come together to call on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Governor Cuomo, and the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation to say no to the proposed National Fuel Northern Access Pipeline. This project is solely for the profit of National Fuel with no need and necessity that warrants endangering our communities, our precious water, air and natural environment.