To grow a beard or not

That is the question that some men struggle with occasionally. Just as women care about how men perceive their physical appearances, the reverse is true, though somewhat on a lower scale. There has been an ongoing debate about how women view a man’s beard with different fronts to this debate. Some men, who are well endowed in this department, have proclaimed several times that women find them more attractive as compared to their clean-shaven counterparts. Actually there are men who naturally cannot grow a beard and, therefore, will find it very difficult to participate in this debate without a bias.

Whether you grow a beard or not, how women perceive you is not up to you. From different research studies and publications women hold different views about beards, some prefer men with grown beards while others prefer clean-shaven ones. At the end of the day, it’s all about preferences, with each side of the divide having an explanation as to why they hold the views they have.

Some women cannot tolerate facial hair

As much as most men think that a majority of women love facial hair, a good number cannot actually tolerate beards. According to the evolution theory, man evolved from a more wild species that had lots of body hair. By growing beards, some women tend to associate such men with animalistic tendencies especially being overly aggressive. They view men with grown beards as being in touch with their wild nature and are therefore turned off by them. While men associate beards with being macho, a trait which most women are known to love in a man, some of the fairer sex cannot just stand it.
There are those ladies that consider beards untidy. They associate men with beards as lacking in personal hygiene and immediately put them off. While it is true that some men have unkempt beards which may be a sign that the man himself is dirt friendly, some are well trimmed and taken care off. Yet perception is perception, everyone is entitled to their own views. Once a woman forms an opinion that beards are dirty, there is not much convincing you can do to change her mind. In this group are also those who associate lack of beards to being neat and, therefore, a focused man, somebody with goals and aspirations.
Everyone notices a beautiful flower grown by the roadside while few will notice the gems hidden in the dirt. There are women who assume that a man with a beard is a Casanova since they are quite noticeable. Some ladies, just by this mere assumption, automatically write off men with beards as lacking in morals and cannot be trusted. They hate them even without taking the time to know their personality.

Women who prefer facial hair

There are women who love men with beards. They consider such men ‘macho’ and can protect them in case of danger. In the natural order of things, women are known to want men who can take care of them. Since a beard is often associated with strength by such women, they are automatically attracted to them. Looking at most of the movies trying to depict old war stories, the majority of the men who saved their people from the enemy had grown beards and physical strength to match. It is a long-held assumption and these women have stuck with it.
Beards are the ornaments that some men wear. As we know the functions of ornaments is to enhance the physical attractiveness of a person. Some women see beards in men as such and thereby find them physically attractive. Just as necklaces, bracelets, and facial makeup can make a woman look more beautiful, beards can also serve the same purpose in men.
Another reason, perhaps not very common but still a factor all the same, of why women find beards attractive is the aspect of being unique. You will not find many men walking the streets with full grown beards. Women who are attracted to men with beards consider them unique and a rare breed. Remember that in the grand order of nature, everyone wants to be superior. When that instinct of survival for the fittest kicks in a woman, bearded men are likely to win because they are considered to be genetically superior.

Choices and Preferences

Some men grow beards specifically to appeal to the opposite sex while others just choose to keep them as a matter of preference. There are those that hate the nakedness of their chins when clean shaven and, therefore, grow beards to ‘hide’ that area. They are not really bothered by how the opposite sex perceives them, the only thing they care about is what makes them feel comfortable. So for men, at the end of the day it comes to choices and preferences, except for those that their beards cannot naturally grow. It is not in their gene pool and there is not much that they can do about it.

Women also have their preferences when it comes to men with beards and those without. As much as men grow beards for different reasons, women have their own views. some of these opinions are based on personal experiences that dictate how they view different men while others are down to what they are naturally attracted to. Physicality does little to show you the true nature of a man, but at the end of the day it still plays a key role in first impressions.
Whether a woman prefers a man with a beard or one without, the fundamental question is what she really expects from him at the end of the day.
•       Is he responsible?
•       Is he trustworthy?
•       Is he focused enough in life?
These are the basic questions that women should be seeking answers to when it comes to men. A beard is not the man, it is just that, a beard. It will never put food on your table or take care of your children. The physical appearance of a man is not very important even though it cannot be entirely ignored. Women will prefer men who have beards or not but up to a certain extent. Life decisions cannot be made based on the growth of facial hair or lack of it, it has to be more than just that.

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