I met Brian Marek a number of years ago while putting on the “Buffalo’s Best Pierogi Contest” at Corpus Christi Church. I don’t recall each time he participated, but I do recall he was undeterred in his quest to win after finishing as a runner up for a few years. Brian got first place in 2015 at the contest for his “Hopped Up” non traditional pierogi. He not only has a passion for pierogi, but passion for the neighborhood as well. He is a nice addition to Broadway Fillmore Alive.

Here is Brian is his own words:

Hey there, I’m Brian! Born and raised on the South Cheektowaga/ City border with roots in the East Side. I’ve always felt a connection to the Broadway-Fillmore and surrounding areas. From childhood trips to the Broadway Market, to helping with pierogi and sausage making during the holidays, to spending 12 years working in restaurants and bars, you can say I’ve developed a love and knowledge for food. Along with inspiration from my late father, I’ve recently started Pockets of Pride, a Pierogi/ Polish Cuisine Pop Up, an endeavor we’ve shared with family and friends for years. It’s from that love of food, coupled with the resurgence we have seen in our city that I hope to contribute knowledge and viewpoints to you all. Broadway-Fillmore and surrounding areas have many hidden gems that I hope to help bring to light for those unfamiliar with this side of the city. Thanks!

Welcome aboard Brian Marek, I am excited to work with you.