Why Do Men Go to the Spa?

Men head to the spa for many of the same reasons as women. They want to stop or reverse the aging process, get a manicure, relax and sooth tired muscles with a massage, and more. Many men also enjoy the close shave a professional can achieve. Additionally, many men are discovering the benefits of facials and other skin care treatments to not only reduce some of the fine lines and wrinkles that come with age but also facilitate smoother skin.

Men enjoy many of the amenities of spas, including the infrared saunas
It is not just the day spas that are seeing a rise in male clientele. Many destination spas are likewise seeing more men come to partake in the special diet and weight loss packages offered, including yoga or gym sessions and sauna baths, according to the Deccan Herald.


What are the Most Popular Treatments and Packages?







Many of the most popular treatments for men are similar to those appreciated by women, including manicures and pedicures, massages, and facials. Many men also enjoy exfoliating and skin care treatments for the entire body, not just the face. Some men also head to spas for waxing services to get rid of unwanted boy hair and specialty “man-scaping.” Men also enjoy shaving treatments that provide a close shave while also treating the skin, reducing razor burn and other skin problems associated with frequent shaving.
It is easy to create package deals that invite the male client to your establishment, especially if you also offer other amenities such as beer or sports. For example, many spas offer Champaign or wine with packages. You could offer a similar package but replace the win with beer for your male clients. You can also combine some of the most popular treatments for men into one package, especially for first-time clients.

Will This Trend Continue?

According to the International Spa Association, almost half (47 percent) of spa patrons are now men. Most likely, this trendwill continue. As more and more importance is put on looks, for both men and women, including reducing the appearance of aging, men will head towards spas out of vanity. Additionally, many men and women choose to handle their stress by going to the spa. Stress levels are sure to continue to increase, sending even more men to the haven provided by the spa experience. With spas creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere where they can still feel like men, the percentage will go up even higher.

The number of men enjoying the stress-relieving benefits of spas will only increase.
Even if you cannot afford to open up a separate spa for men only, you can jump on board this trend by offering specialized male-centric packages. This will help the men to feel more comfortable about coming in and experiencing a spa day. Once they get past their initial fear and anxiety and experience the benefits, they will be more likely to become a frequent client, and share the experience with their friends.

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