The Eight Democratic Chairs of NY-27 Oppose Rep. Collins’ Decision to Appear on CNN

The 8 county Democratic Chairs of New York’s 27th Congressional District wish to make it clear that Rep. Chris Collins’ decision to appear on CNN with Van Jones on Thursday evening in a televised town hall is an insult to the voters of this district.

While constituents have been gathering outside his offices on a weekly basis in good weather and bad to ask for a town hall, Mr. Collins has repeatedly insisted he has no intention of holding such a meeting, even calling town halls “useless.”

But when invited to appear on a cable television program with a studio audience in New York City that will not represent his constituents, Rep. Collins jumped at the chance.

So he may find out what the concerns are of a New York City audience, but he’s still avoiding people in his own district.

That is unacceptable, and that’s why we will support a vigorous campaign to replace Chris Collins in 2018 with someone who will actually represent New York’s 27th District.

  • Jeremy Zellner, Erie County Democratic Chair
  • Jamie Romeo, Monroe County Democratic Chair
  • Nick Forster, Niagara County Democratic Chair
  • Jeanne Crane, Orleans County Democratic Chair
  • Michael Plitt, Genesee County Democratic Chair
  • Cynthia Appleton, Wyoming County Democratic Chair
  • Judith Hunter, Livingston County Democratic Chair
  • John Hurley, Ontario County Democratic Chair
  • Contact: Judith Hunter (; 585.615.2986)