Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy Zellner calls for Sheriff Tim Howard’s resignation after he was the keynote speaker at a white supremacy event in Downtown Buffalo on Saturday

Bernie Tolbert, who is considering a run against Tim Howard this year for Erie County Sheriff also released a statement:

The Erie County Sheriff should not have appeared in uniform at an event with such obviously offensive and hateful displays. The minute the confederate flags and racist signs went up Sheriff Howard should have denounced them and refused to participate until they were removed. The Sheriff swears an oath to defend the citizens of Erie County and his appearance at the event in uniform gave the impression that he was supporting the most extremist views of the crowd. 
We can have different political views and even robust disagreements about them, but, in the City of Good Neighbors and throughout Erie County, as a community we can do better than this – for ourselves and for our children. 
If I have the honor to serve as Sheriff, I pledge that I will not lend my name or the Sheriff’s badge to offensive speech of any party or political persuasion.