How can Erie County residents trust Mickey Kearns to serve as their Erie County Clerk when he can’t be bothered to show up to work? During yesterday’s critical extraordinary session vote to protect Erie County property taxpayers from a double-digit increase, Kearns was marked ‘absent’. Based on his own social media Kearns was clearly in Albany, but whatever he was doing it sure didn’t involve protecting Erie County taxpayers. Kearns choice to skip this critical vote shows that he either doesn’t understand the importance of sales taxes or he doesn’t care.

With thousands of Canadian shoppers and other visitors coming into Erie County every year, sales tax is in an important source of funding for our roads, parks, police and hospitals. Kearns reckless decision to skip the vote could have lost Erie County $24 million in December of this year alone, and $266.2 million in 2018.

Said Chairman Jeremy Zellner: “It’s alarming that Mickey Kearns found the time to drive to Albany, but couldn’t find the time to cast a single vote to save Erie County’s residents from enduring a 102% increase in their property taxes. This November, voters should keep Kearns work ethic in mind. We need a County Clerk who will get the job done.”

Democrat turned Republican Kearns has missed at least 61 votes in his 5 years in Albany.