If you checked out the Buffalo News website earlier this morning you may have seen a post titled: “Study names Buffalo most dangerous city for online dating”

The article went on to attribute a study conducted by a ‘security review’ company SafeWise and HighSpeedInternet.com, ranked 56 U.S. cities based on two risk factors that researchers said were key to online dating safety: STD cases and violent crime rates, both adjusted for population. Using these metrics, researchers produced safety scores for each city.

The report initially said that Buffalo, with a population of 258,071, had a rate of sexually transmitted diseases of 8,121 cases per 100,000 people based on 20,957 total cases in 2015. It cited Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data as its source.

Seven (7) Hours Later the headline, Facebook post and the entire story was “updated” but not before it was shared 102 times:

Had anyone even bothered to look at the source behind the story, it might of raised a red flag or two. SafeWise is a website dedicated to selling home security systems. and HighSpeedInternet.com is a affiliate marketing site attempting to sell people high speed internet.

Call us crazy, but we wouldn’t reallyconsider either website a professional resource on the nation’s STD rates . #justsayin