The Erie County Democratic Committee has filed more than 18,000 signatures with the Board of Elections for the 2017 endorsed county-wide slate— almost ten times the number of signatures required to gain ballot access.

“This level of support has not been seen in a long time— and it is a direct result of the qualified and diverse slate of candidates ECDC has endorsed,” said ECDC Chairman Jeremy Zellner. “These signatures reflect the public’s outcry for change and new leadership in our community; as well as the belief that our endorsed candidates will bring that change.”

The citizens of Erie County are getting behind the county-wide slate; which includes Steve Cichon for County Clerk, Vanessa Glushefski for County Comptroller, Bernie Tolbert for Sheriff, Susan Eagan for County Court Judge, and Acea Mosey for Surrogate Court Judge.

“Erie County Democrats have united behind these incredible candidates, and we are showing the strength of our party,” said Chairman Zellner. “We look forward to combining this unity with the unprecedented activism and energy we’ve seen from the community to work towards victory in November.”