South Buffalo Moms For Family Traffic Safety
Sunday August 27, Cazenovia Park at about 1:45 PM, after the farmers Market ends


PEOPLE can be hired to wear bright safety vests, improve traffic safety, enhance neighborhood watch and create badly needed working class JOBS (3 hrs = $30)
PAINT on pavement is the cheapest & fastest way to IMPROVE SIGNS

PUBLICITY: news & social media must continue to raise traffic safety awareness

PUNISHMENT: FINES MUST TRIPLE IN FAMILY SAFETY ZONES Large fines are not equal justice, since some can easily pay. Community service must be offered to those who cannot pay, without severe economic hardship to themselves or their families. Serving time wearing a safety vest as a traffic monitor could be an option.

We will have several speakers who live in South Buffalo, along with people from non profit organizations organizations that are interested. We are not affiliated with any partisan political organization, politician or city officials.

CONTACT: [email protected] 716.829.7369