“Over the past several months, a regular barrage of words and actions coming from those entrusted to lead have demonstrated disrespect for women, refugees, transgender servicemembers and others based on race.   We are witnessing a dangerous and dismissive attitude toward some people as less accepted and less valued than others.  This display of intolerance is hurtful to individuals and the noble principles that genuinely make our nation great.

“I am proud to call Buffalo — the ‘City of Good Neighbors’ — my home.  As a country and as humans we could all benefit from being more neighborly.  Each of us face our own struggles but they are better overcome when we are united rather than divided.  Each of us bring our own strengths as individuals but we are wise to recognize we are significantly stronger together.

“Genuine leadership doesn’t embolden hate; instead, it should promote kindness and understanding.  These exhausting distractions tear us apart, preventing us from working together and making real progress. We need less confrontation and more collaboration, fewer outbursts and more outcomes, and less heat and more light.”