False claims by Lorigos is another display of misleading public

Michelle Schoeneman, candidate for the ErieCounty Legislature’s 10th District, chastised Joe and Ralph Lorigo for their blatant attempt to bury their disgraceful record on middle and working class issues in a recent column in the Buffalo News.

“I find it laughable that the party that brought us billionaires Carl Paladino and Donald Trump would have the audacity to claim they represent the working class of our community,” Schoeneman said. “Joe and Ralph Lorigo have spent their entire careers, public and private, working for the wealthy and powerful while ignoring the needs of the working and middle class. This point has been underscored by the voters in the 10th District that I have spoken to over the last three months as I have gone door to door to hear their concerns.”

Lorigo also claimed that his party applies its alleged principles of smaller government and lower taxes when picking candidates, but a 2012 Buffalo News profile of the party entitled, “Conservatives flock to the public payroll; Many party players hold jobs that rely on government’s ability to tax and spend,”clearly outlines how the Lorigo machine uses its party endorsements simply to gain power and influence, not help the taxpayers of Erie County.

Schoeneman added, “The people of our community are tired of being misled by politicians like my opponent and his father. Our community deserves a legislator that will do everything she can to assist the working and middle class, from improving our roads to lowering our taxes. I am a middle class teacher, community leader, and mother who will be a voice for ALL residents of our district, not just the wealthy elite. It’s time for a change!”