It’s happened again… Last week we mocked channel 7 reporter Britanny Mueller appearing on Facebook Live to tell people that a Facebook page featuring a woman taking a shit at a bus stop in Buffalo was a satirical website.

well, duh…

Then yesterday, another doozie. Channel 4 jumped on the bandwagon warning people about a “Fake News” Facebook page called the City of Buffalo that is making the rounds.

And now the trifecta. The Buffalo News had to chime in and post an article warning people not to show up at MLK Park at Midnight Friday night, with their best “Purge” gear on.

If you were someone who actually considered showing up to the middle of the East Side with weapons and a mask on in the middle of night, you probably deserve to be “purged”.

While everyone likes a good parody or satire, the facebook post about the ‘Purge” event may have taken things to far.

Leave it to some asshole to show up in MLK park on Friday night and get the shit kicked out him.  That’s about the only way the Mayor and the media will get their wish and get the page eliminated from Facebook.

Even the Buffalo Police Department had to get involved. To top it all off, People actually think the official Buffalo Police Department page is fake as well… Oye Vey!

Ee can’t embed the post but trust us… it’s worth a walk through the comments

In the meantime, we are going to invite them to join WNYmedia Network. These clowns are pretty funny.

UPDATE:  As of a few hours ago, Facebook made the page name change to “Unofficial”.  According to the site owners they aren’t allowed to change it back.

Guess that solved the problem…

For now 🙂