In an interview with WKBW, Western New York Congressman Chris Collins guaranteed constituents that 98% of tax payers living in his Congressional District (NY27) will pay less in federal taxes next year or “don’t vote for me” collins stated.

Collins told WKBW:

“I can assure you and you can hold me to task on that in a very short time with your first paycheck on Jan. 15th. And vote for me if your paying less and don’t vote for me if you’re paying more”

What Collins isn’t addressing is that while some taxpayers ‘may’ see a increase in their paycheck come Jan. 15th.  It doesn’t mean it will be there permanently.

Politi-fact found that the number of Americans facing a tax increase would actually grow over time.

In other words, while most Americans would indeed see a tax cut or a minor increase in the first year, 8 percent, or roughly 14 million American households, would see an increase of at least $100. (We approximated the raw number using Tax Policy Center data.)
By 2027, 46 percent would see a decrease and 34 percent would see a change of less than $100, but 20 percent would see a tax increase. That could mean close to 40 million Americans would pay higher taxes in 2027 than they would under today’s tax laws.

Watch Brian Higgins tear apart the GOP tax bill in his closing remarks at the Ways and Means Committee hearing last week:

The reality is Chris Collins could really give a rat’s ass about his constituents and good governance. His attitude in the interview with WKBW, makes it pretty obvious that he’s really only interested in one thing. Undermining Gov. Andrew Cuomo as his re-election year looms.