This is just a reminder that we all need to support the Broadway Market more, and there is no better time than to do it than right now as the Christmas season begins.

The market is one of the oldest continuously running public markets in the United States. It opened in 1888 in the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood of Buffalo. It has seen its share of good time and bad times, but the most important thing is that the market is remains. Buffalo is all about its history. The Broadway Market is a living breathing connection to the 1800s. It’s a heritage site that operates for the same purpose as it did when it first opened.

Other cities around the country have embraced such legacy public markets. It’s time that people from around Western New York start embracing the Broadway Market for more than just the Easter season. Buffalo and the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood will be the better for it. As the rest of the city is in the midst of a revival, it is important that the market isn’t left behind.

Here are some photos of Broadway Market awesome: