broad coalition of citizen groups assembled outside Buffalo’s elite Saturn Club on Monday to criticize Congressman Chris Collins’ support for the Republican Tax Plan. The Bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives despite opposition by the majority of New York Republicans and all Democratic House Members because it will raise the average New Yorker’s taxes and decimate social services.

TODAY: 4:30 PM – Outside the Saturn Club, 977 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, 14208

Collins’ has admitted that his aggressive support for the Plan is fueled by pressure from his donors, and that he does not represent constituents with whom he disagrees. The Congressman was inside the Saturn Club addressing the “Association for Corporate Growth” at the time of the demonstration.

The Congressman’s failure to meet with his voters has further raised the ire of Western New Yorkers. “I have been requesting a meeting with Chris Collins, my Member of Congress, by text, letter, emails, phone calls  and visits to his office for over 10 months now”, said Akron, New York resident Sharon Dobkin “He refuses to meet with his constituents in a small group or town hall setting— which is his job. Collins simply doesn’t care unless you are a big donor to his campaign. He said it and he means it.”

The demonstrators used Monopoly Man icons to illustrate their point. “Mr. Moneybags” gave corporate cronies a giant check for $1,878,400,000 the amount New York State will lose in the first year the law takes effect if House Bill becomes law. Wheatfield real estate agent Jason Hugar expressed his frustration with Rep. Chris Collins’ by stating, “It’s infuriating that our representative would pad the pockets of his donors at the expense of New York homeowners. This bill is bad for the middle-class, bad for my business, and bad for New York. The voters won’t forget this in 2018 


Under the Bill that has passed the U.S.House:

— A teacher who buys pens and paper for her students will not be allowed to deduct those costs—but corporations buying those supplies for millionaire executives will.

— New Yorkers will no longer be able to deduct state and local sales taxes from their federal taxes—but corporations will.

— Homeowners will only be allowed to deduct $10,000 in property taxes. Corporations can deduct an unlimited amount of property taxes.

— New York’s system of medical and educational services will be defunded and destabilized, while the State’s richest one percent will receive a windfall of $1,878,400,000 in tax breaks in 2018 alone. That’s the equivalent of 306,928 health insurance premiums, 317,297 Pell Grants, or 17,807 infrastructure-related jobs in the state.

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